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Welcome to the media page.  This page contains audio and video recordings featuring Shannon Rookey.


This recording was made April 2021.  It is the first at-home recording of 2021.  Ms. Rookey is currently in the process of making more socially isolated recordings.  This is "pre-screening friendly" by most standards, meaning this was done all in one take, no "ins-and-outs," etc.  Special thanks to Free Panist on Youtube.


"Strangers" is a short film in the 2020 series City Kitties, a project dedicated to women in film.  This was a wonderful, unique opportunity to perform a piece specifically written for Ms. Rookey (soprano) and Ms. Robinson (mezzo-soprano), which any singer will tell you is a rare treat.  They recorded their parts in isolation due to the spread of COVID-19, and Mrs. McMillin was able to do a fabulous job mixing these recordings to create what you hear here.  Please enjoy.

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